About Us

Bravo Bouquets is a Toronto-based flower company, offering bouquets of flowers at sporting events.  Whether it’s a marathon, skating competition, or charitable bike ride, Bravo Bouquets believes in celebrating that special moment when you or a loved one achieves a goal through sport. Say "bravo" with a bouquet of flowers.


How it Works

Bouquets will be available for purchase at the below upcoming races. However, supplies will be limited. In order to guarantee a bouquet is waiting for you or your loved one, we recommend you pre-order by following these 3 steps.

Step 1

Pre-order your flowers on our website and fill out the required information about the recipient.

Step 2 

Once your order is processed, Bravo Bouquets will email the recipient to notify him/her of their bouquet.

Step 3 

Pick up bouquets from the designated Bravo Bouquet booth before, during or after the race. Details are included in your confirmation email.

Contact Us

If you're a race director or the organizer of a sporting event and would like to learn more about the benefits of working with Bravo Bouquets, please email us at valerie@bravobouquets.com

Learn more about what we're up to on Instagram @BravoBouquets